Storm Cleanup

Whew, it is a hot one out there today! So hot in fact, that there has been a heat alert issued for the London-Middlesex region. And while it is a welcome thing to have some sunshine, over all the rain that has fallen this spring, it is hard to adjust to the 40C weather that we are out in. We need mop buckets for the sweat that is pouring off our foreheads, as the buzz of the chainsaws fill the air.
Chainsaws?” you remark.

Yes, they are the best tool to help in the cleanup effort after Tuesday’s storm that blew through here.

Storm Cleanup in London

*Photo originally posted on The Weather Network

Tree damage from thunderstorm in London, ON June 2011*

While some of you might have slept through the early morning thunderstorm that drenched London early Tuesday, you can’t have missed the aftermath. There were trees limbs scattered on many city streets and the poor Old South neighbourhood had quite a few giants topple due to the high winds that reached upwards of 102km/hr. In fact, the OPP reported that 20 roads were closed due to fallen trees in Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties. Power was knocked out to thousands of households and businesses alike, with even London hospitals operating under backup power until noon. Quite the storm!

It certainly didn’t escape our notice either. Our phones began ringing early. People were calling from all over the city with stories of trees down on their properties. One of our poor customers will have us busy for three days doing her storm cleanup alone.

Curt and Bertha

Right about now, we should probably get back to work though. If you have storm damage of your own and aren’t sure who to contact, feel free to give us a call. While the city will deal with any trees that are damaged that are on public property, they do not maintain trees on private property. That is your responsibility.

Or ours, if you want it to be. So cover your ears as I fire up Bertha here. Call us if you need us.


Back to storm cleanup we go!

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June 8, 2011 3:05 pm