A Day with CLC: Summer Tree Work

IMG_0525Summertime in the city means time for fun in the sun and there’s nothing CLC Tree Services likes better than to catch those rays up in a tree. Lucky us, we get that opportunity all the time! Sometimes we even capture a moment or two to share with you, our fans and readers. Today is one of those days.

If you look real close, you can see one of the boys in orange high in the sky in the photo on the left.

IMG_0523The guys on the ground are part of the crew too, but needed a little less sunblock than our man in the sky while they worked in the shade of this sugar maple this past July. Aren’t you jealous of the cool and refreshing backyard they called a workplace that day?
IMG_0526Meanwhile, back in the tree the chainsaw was busy. There were a few more limbs to go before they could call it a day though. The crew earns their showers at the end of the day, let me tell you!

Hot, sunny days come with the territory when you are an arborist in London, Ontario in the summer. Regardless of the temperature, the crews are out tending to the trees of the Forest City, as rainy days bring work to a wet halt. So we slather on the sunscreen and make sure our harnesses are on good and tight. Safety is a number one priority, and that includes protecting eyes, ears, skin and lives.

sugar maple

We’ve got wood!

IMG_0522Once the tree was down, a few more rays could make their way into this backyard though. And after a little more cutting, there will be a heck of a campfire to be had.

We love when our clients find the silver lining in our line of work—tree removal=firewood!

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August 6, 2015 5:07 pm