Talking Integrity at BBBAwards2016

BBB Business Integrity Awards 2016


Congratulations to Andrew de Boer of 1-800-got-junk and Jo-Ann Fisher of Hangar 9 for winning this year’s BBB Business Integrity Awards

This week the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Ontario held its annual Business Integrity Awards. CLC Tree Services was the recipient of this coveted award in 2010. We strive to uphold integrity in all we do and applaud the BBB for recognizing businesses in London, Ontario for doing the same. Business integrity is essential for any worthy business and is a hallmark of an upstanding company.

BBB Board of Directors and Chair, Assaad Eldik (and 2012 recipient of the award for his company Armour Shield Roofing) presented this year’s awards. They went to 1-800-got-junk in Category I (1-10 employees) and Hangar 9 in Category II (11+ employees). Congratulations to these deserving companies, as well as the other companies nominated for these prestigious awards. You do London proud by shining your light in our community.

Keynote Speaker – Dr Vipul Jairath

Dr Vipul Jairath

Dr Vipul Jairath spoke on clinical trials and the importance of integrity within them

Once the awards were handed out, Dr Vipul Jairath took the stage. Dr Jairath is a Gastroenterologist, Associate Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Western University, and the Director of Academic Research at Robarts Clinical Trials. He is an expert in gastroenterology and has many years experience with clinical trials both here in Canada, as well as in the US and UK. This made him an excellent choice for Keynote Speaker for the event.

While not all the businesses assembled at the breakfast might have much to do with clinical trials, the insistence for precision within them translates to integrity for any business model. He highlighted the effects of sloppy research, resulting in poor trials and disastrous care for patients. Conversely, meticulous research analysis, protocol, accuracy of data, and transparency of results equates to a successful trial. It’s not much of a stretch to see how those same tactics can be put in place in any business. Attention to detail makes all the difference. That can consistently be seen in the companies nominated for the Business Integrity Awards.

Business Integrity

BBB Integrity Award

CLC Tree Services was the winner of the 2010 BBB Business Integrity Award

So what is the takeaway from the morning? Not only does hard work pay off in the long run for businesses who practice the highest in business integrity, but the ripple effects of that integrity has a long and broad result. When you take the time to consider how you run your business, what your practices mean for the company, its employees, and your clients, as well as what you can learn from the process, you will find that your business has a higher rate of success. Running a business is challenging, but doing it with integrity is the hallmark of success.

And that business integrity? Don’t ever let it waiver. It only helps your business grow and flourish long after the awards ceremonies are over.

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November 3, 2016 3:14 pm