Teacher Gift Ideas

School is winding down. Final assignments are coming due. Classrooms are getting purged and tidied. Teachers are desperately trying to keep kids interested in the last of the lessons, even while they too just want to throw in the towel. The days are ticking down until the last school bell rings to release students and teachers alike into the bliss of summer vacation.

Only four more days to go…

So how do you show appreciation for all that your child’s teacher has done over the course of the year? Teachers put in their classroom hours to teach students, but often go above and beyond those hours. Many are coaches, run extracurricular programs, sit on parent-teacher boards, organize and attend special events, plus buy school supplies out of the own pockets. A good teacher cares about each and every child in their class and does their utmost to see them succeed, emotionally, socially and academically. And while end of year gifts are not necessary, sometimes it is nice to show a little appreciation for all that teachers do with a teacher gift.

What do you present to a teacher to say thank you? While anything is appreciated, here are a few green ideas you could consider;

Green Teacher Gift Ideas

15 Books about Trees for Children

Add to your Teacher’s Library with one of these 15 Books about Trees for Children

Classroom fingerprint tree with all the students fingerprints – idea from ‘Keeping up with the Kiddos’

Apple bag – to tote school supplies, assignments or report cards

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June 23, 2016 3:10 pm