The Life Cycle of a Tree

The Life Cycle of a Tree

All life starts from a seed
and trees are no different.

Once a seed leaves the tree
and falls to the ground
it needs warmth and moisture
to start the process of germination to begin.

When germination begins
then water, sunshine and warm temperatures
are all essential
to keep that little seed growing
into a tiny seedling,
reaching its little radicle (root hairs) down
and stretching its first leaves (plumule) up

but there is so much more
that this young tree needs to survive
and thrive;
proper soil to gain nutrients
and water too,
plus air for the carbon dioxide that it absorbs
as a food source extraordinaire.
These are all essentials for the young sapling
as it begins its life.

If that young tree
sets its roots to growing deep
absorbing all it can from them,
plus from its leaves and bark,
while avoiding pests, disease and natural occurring disasters
(like drought, floods or fire),
then with the passage of time
you might find that
that little tree
has grown into a mighty giant
starting its own babies right along side of it.

and so goes the life cycle of a tree

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Did you know an Oak tree is 50 years old it even thinks about having acorns?
Well done K!!!!

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