The winner is…

Wow, what a week! After last week’s Home and Garden Show, the requests for estimates has kept us hopping. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit the show and stop by our booth. We loved seeing all the people out on such a beautiful, sunny weekend. Our home in the tent was a little different, but we were grateful to not get washed or blown away due to the elements. It was quite cozy actually.

One of the perks that we offered for you as a customer, online and/or at the show, was our Needy Tree contest. Several people entered, but only one lucky tree owner could win. So without further ado here is our winner;

How embarrassing to have this tree dominate the facade of our home. Worse yet, we live on a very busy street and this tree is seen by a lot of people!

 That lucky person, with 231 votes, was Sara Van Den Akker from London. Pictured above is her needy tree that we will go out to, assess and make not quite so needy any more. Congratulations to Sara and thank you again to everyone who entered our contest. We had fun looking at your tree shots and hope that you enjoyed sharing with us as well.

To show you some of what is involved with what we are doing when we work on the trees at your house, we leave you today with a video showing you some of the how and why of tree pruning.

Have a great weekend!

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April 15, 2011 11:20 am