2014: The Year That Was

Christmas is past and the New Year is only a few days away. How did that happen? It is always amazing how fast a year passes.

Was 2014 a good year for you? Are you itching for the calendar to flip over to 2015 to leave the old year in the past, where it belongs? Remember that all of our experiences add up to make us who we are, so we need to cherish all of those memories; good and bad. The trick is to learn from the less appealing moments, so that you can prevent making the same mistakes again.

CLC Tree Services and Christmas Decor London were blessed this past year and we know it. Here are just a few of the highlights from our year;

2014: The Year That Was

  • We were called on early in the year to help out with the Ice Storm Cleanup in Toronto and Richmond Hill. That kept our workers busy in a traditionally quiet time of year.
  • Best Tree Service Company of 2014

    Best Tree Service Company of 2014

    In February we received accolades from the London Free Press when we won the Best Tree Services Company in their 2014 Best of London contest. As it is a reader chosen contest, we were quite chuffed over that particular award. This year’s contest is open again, so click to vote for your favourite London businesses for 2015!

  • March can sometimes be a dull month, but there was excitement to be found at the All you Need is Love Breakfast Meeting for Women in support of Wellspring, which our Office Manager Christine attended.
  • The whole team benefited from CPR training in April. Always better to be prepared!
  • Hard at work for OCAA Day of Service at Camp Cataraqui

    Hard at work for OCAA Day of Service at Camp Cataraqui

    The first week of May is always a favourite time of year, as we get to take part in the OCAA Day of Service. This year we were at Camp Cataraqui just outside Chatham. Crews from four different tree services cleaned up camp for Scouts Canada

  • In June, CLC Tree Services was honoured to lead the LEA Craft Day at East Park. Everyone loved the meal, plus the chance to get a picture of themselves snapped from an aerial view.
  • Canadian Christmas Decor Franchise of the Year

    Canadian Christmas Decor Franchise of the Year

    The awards kept coming in July. Curt and Anna Marie took in the sites in New Orleans, attended the Christmas Decor Conference, and came home with the 2013 Canadian Christmas Decor Franchise of the Year award! Way to go Christmas Decor London!

  •  This summer was a tough one for Grand Bend, as a twister ripped up the beach town at the end of July. CLC Tree Services was there in August helping out again though.
  • We dig trees. Don't you?!

    We dig trees. Don’t you?!

    September is back to school time, but it is also time for the Western Fair! CLC Tree Services attended this year’s fair when they helped out ReForest London by handing out tree seedlings to fair goers.

  • October is always about Integrity in CLC’s books. Hence why we always attend the Better Business Bureau’s Business Integrity Awards. And this year Trish Stratus was the special guest to entertain London’s finest businesses. What a treat!
  • As November is a huge lead-up to Christmas, our crews were busy stringing lights and garlands, but tree work still went on. Our Christmas elves were at their finest!
  • The Christmas spirit isn't only reserved for the young. Right Molly!

    The Christmas spirit isn’t only reserved for the young. Right Molly!

    December was more of the same, as crews finished up last-minute Christmas decorating. Anna Marie made a point of fitting in some special decorations though, when she lit up the world of an area senior just to make her smile.

Whew, what a year. Just about ready for 2015, I’d say.

What did 2014 look like for you? Don’t forget to share!

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December 30, 2014 10:30 am