Top 5 Most Common Tree Problems and Solutions


Sprouting majestically from the ground, trees are nature’s most exceptional sculptures. They’re not just aesthetically pleasing; they’re guardians of our environment, purifiers of our air, and sanctuaries for countless species. Despite their resilience, trees face a plethora of issues that require immediate attention. At CLC Tree Services, we’ve been nurturing the trees of London, Ontario and the surrounding areas since 1988, offering expert solutions to the most common tree problems.

Tree Problem 1: Dead or Dying Trees

Every tree has its life cycle. However, sometimes trees die prematurely due to disease, pests, or environmental stressors. Signs of a dead or dying tree include decaying bark, discoloured leaves, or a lack of foliage during the growing season. A dead tree not only diminishes your property’s aesthetic but also presents potential hazards such as falling branches.

With CLC Tree Services’ tree removal expertise, dead or dying trees can be safely and efficiently removed. We understand that tree removal is a last resort, but rest assured, we’ll assess every situation meticulously, balancing the tree’s condition, location, and risk factors before taking any action.

Tree Problem 2: Poorly Pruned Trees

The art of pruning demands knowledge and precision. Improper pruning can lead to lasting damage, weakening the tree’s structure and paving the way for disease and pests. In essence, a poorly pruned tree is like a wounded soldier, vulnerable and struggling to survive.

At CLC Tree Services, we offer professional pruning services. Our skilled arborists ensure the optimum health and beauty of your trees by:

  • Removing interfering or potentially hazardous limbs.
  • Extracting diseased or insect-infested limbs.
  • Adjusting the tree’s structure to improve wind resistance and reduce potential storm damage.
  • Increasing light penetration and air circulation to deter pathogens and encourage new growth.

Tree Problem 3: Leftover Tree Stumps

The remnants of a once majestic tree, leftover stumps, are more than mere eyesores. They’re stumbling blocks and fertile breeding grounds for pests. In addition, stumps can impede landscaping efforts and decrease your property’s value.

Our stump grinding service is designed to eliminate these unsightly and problematic stumps. CLC Tree Services has specialized equipment to complete this task safely and efficiently, leaving your property clean, safe, and visually appealing.

Tree Problem 4: Trees Damaged by Storms or Natural Disasters

Mother Nature, in all her glory, can sometimes be destructive. High winds, storms, and other natural disasters can leave your trees damaged, posing a risk to property and safety. From broken limbs to uprooted trees, storm damage can be a significant burden for homeowners.

In such stressful situations, CLC Tree Services offers a rapid emergency tree care and storm response. Our dedicated team is adept at safely managing storm-damaged trees, minimizing further risk and providing peace of mind when you need it most.

Tree Problem 5: Structural Issues with Mature Trees

Mature trees add an element of grandeur to any landscape. However, age often brings structural problems. Weak branches, internal decay, and structural imbalances can threaten a tree’s stability, increasing the risk of falling limbs or even the entire tree.

At CLC Tree Services, we leverage modern technology, offering cabling & bracing support systems to help fortify mature trees. This technique can extend the life of your valued trees, ensuring they continue to grace your landscape for years to come.

Proactive Tree Management

In the world of tree care, prevention isn’t just better—it’s essential. Much like an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure in healthcare, proactive tree management is a strategic approach that encourages tree health and helps to ward off potential problems before they become serious. With CLC Tree Services, you get more than just a “tree doctor”; you get an entire team of tree health advocates working to ensure your green spaces remain vibrant and thriving.

Proactive tree management involves several crucial steps:


Over time, soil can become compacted, making it difficult for water, air, and nutrients to reach tree roots. Our team provides aeration services to alleviate this issue, allowing your trees to breathe freely and absorb essential nutrients. A well-aerated soil is akin to a lungful of fresh air for your trees, resulting in healthier root systems and vibrant growth.

Deep Root Fertilization

We go beyond surface-level care. Deep root fertilization ensures your trees get nutrient-rich soil they need to thrive. It’s like serving your trees a gourmet meal of all the essential nutrients they need, delivered straight to their root systems where they need it most.

Insect and Disease Diagnosis

Early identification of pests and diseases is key to effective treatment. Just as a medical professional would diagnose a disease before prescribing medication, our experts conduct thorough inspections to identify potential threats and customize an effective treatment plan.

Soil Testing

Soil isn’t just dirt—it’s the lifeblood of your trees. Through professional soil testing, we can determine the composition of your soil, including its pH level and nutrient content. With this information, we can recommend targeted solutions for optimal growing conditions. It’s like getting a comprehensive health checkup for your green space.

Tree Injections

Sometimes, trees need a little extra help to boost their health and vigour. Tree injections can provide targeted treatment to your ailing trees, much like a flu shot would boost your immune system.

Proactive measures like these, combined with the right care and expertise from CLC Tree Services, can mitigate common tree problems before they escalate, ensuring your green space remains a lush oasis.

Exceptional Tree Care and Urban Forest Preservation with CLC Tree Services

Tree problems, from dead or dying trees to structural issues, can significantly impact the health of your green space. But with the right care and expertise, these challenges don’t have to spell disaster. Instead, they can become opportunities for your trees to thrive. With proactive tree management and our other services, CLC Tree Services can help mitigate tree problems before they escalate, ensuring your green space remains a lush oasis. We believe every tree is worth saving. Remember, when you’re in doubt about a tree’s health or viability, reach out to the professionals at CLC Tree Services.

For immediate support, contact us at (519) 685 0257 or via our website.

Being champions of the urban forest, we are committed to providing exceptional service and care. Our team, backed by ISA Certified Arborist credentials, adheres to the highest industry standards, consistently demonstrating our dedication to our clients and our community. We pride ourselves on our environmentally conscientious practices, working diligently to ensure we contribute positively to the well-being of our urban trees.

Whether you require tree removal, need help with proactive tree management, or are grappling with a tree-related issue, we are here to help. Together, we can make our urban forest thrive—one tree at a time.