Tree Planting Season

2017 Tree Planting Season

Unloading stock for tree planting

This spring has been a busy one for CLC Tree Services. Tree planting season is upon us, and boy oh boy, were there ever a lot of trees to get into the ground this year! While we had a short stint in February when temperatures rose and we managed to plant a few things, our first official tree went into the ground on April 10th. We’ve been digging holes since then, but new trees arrive as quick as we get them filled! Many of those trees have been of a pretty decent caliper too (that’s arb-talk for pretty big around).

Caliper is the tree’s width or the diameter of a tree’s trunk; usually measured at 12″ from the ground for trees with a 4″ caliper or more

The final touch on this landscaping project—a little mulch to set off the new garden. Good job Pam!

We’ve planted hemlock and redbud, white pine and tupelo, sugar maples and tulip trees. In fact, we’ve planted 73 trees so far this year (if our tally is correct). Plus, there are still about a dozen more to go! The best part about planting all these trees is knowing they are grown locally, so have a good start in life.

Of course, hearing our clients rave over their new trees makes us pretty happy too.

This spring we had the pleasant task of choosing a tree to replace our dead maple. Any new tree we chose had to be something that could survive on a busy street with lots of power lines. So I was on the hunt for a tree that would be able to withstand the salt from the roads and wouldn’t be so large that the city would destroy its beauty.

Enter Pam at CLC.

She asked lots of questions about what we wanted in a tree and examined carefully the limits set by our location. She researched a number of possibilities and gave us a list of potential trees to choose from. Our front yard is now graced with a beautiful tupelo – a perfect tree for us, and one that we wouldn’t even have thought of without Pam’s advice. Pam loves her trees and it shows. She was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her.

Joan F.

Excellent choice Joan!

Another Tree Planted!

While some crews have been busy with tree removal and tree trimming, tree planting has taken up a big part of the work orders this spring. Our biggest specimen was a 25′ sugar maple planted in the Oakridge area. One of the most extensive jobs was the landscape overhaul in Sunningdale. The day that had the most hands on deck was during the Day of Service at Camp Bel that culminated with the planting of a ceremonial white pine. And a purple beech has yet to go into the ground, but it will knock your socks off when it does.

It’s hard work, but Pam and the rest of the CLC crew are thrilled with all the trees planted. For those lucky clients who have new trees, don’t forget to get them counted for London’s Million Tree Challenge! And don’t forget to water them during the heat of the summer.

For those of you who missed out, feel free to contact CLC Tree Services. We plant trees again in the fall too, or there’s always next year! Happy tree planting!

tree planting season

Just a sampling of some of the trees CLC Tree Services has planted this season

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May 25, 2017 9:45 am