Bitternut Tree Removal with an Assist

While the ash tree has garnered all the headlines for the last few years, as far as trees and tree health is concerned, there are other trees that have suffered at the mercy of pests as well. Today CLC Tree Services was at the site of a once-glorious 75-foot bitternut hickory tree. Its glory had faded due to the hickory bark beetle, and we had the sad task of removing this now dangerous tree.

It might have still stood tall in the homeowner’s back yard, but with every gust of wind, more branches fell to the ground and everything surrounding the tree was in danger. The city stepped in, and issued an ordinance. The tree had to go and CLC was there to make sure the tree removal went safely.

Bitternut Tree Removal

While we remove trees on a regular basis, this particular tree was a difficult case. The bitternut was dry and brittle to the touch. Simply climbing up into the canopy to start removing limbs, was not an option. We carry insurance, but the lives of our arborists are more valuable than that of a job attempted. In this case, it would have amounted to a job failed – not what we want. That certainly would not support our image of a company deserving the Better Business Bureau’s Integrity Award either. No.

Today, we required extra equipment in our tree removal services—crane support. From previous inspections, it was obvious that any attempt at stepping into the tree would be disastrous. There was a great chance that limbs would fall apart upon contact. By using a crane, an arborist could first safely inspect the tree, then begin the bitternut tree removal process.

Once into the tree, our assumptions proved correct. Simply grasping branches had them breaking off and dropping to the ground below. Not one to shy away from heights though, Calvin got to work. Three hours later, the tree was gone.

The crane lifted large sections of bitternut out of the backyard, and deposited them into our waiting truck. You can see the last section here manoeuvring between houses. Safety of human life and surrounding properties is important to us, and we take all risks very seriously.

Once the tree was completely down, cleanup began. The homeowner happily watched as we swept sawdust from the street, leaving no trace that we had been there. And a big sighs of relief topped off the day knowing that no one was hurt and nothing damaged, either before or during the poor bitternut tree’s removal. The tree would cause no more stir for the homeowners, city, nor worried neighbours. That is except for the neighbour’s gossip over the show for the next week. Showers were well-deserved that evening, let me tell you!

So with a long weekend fast approaching, we cannot forget to wish you a Happy Canada Day from CLC Tree Services. Have a great weekend Canada!

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Indeed a very nice post. I do lot of netsurfing for finding the key information on trees and forests. I just came across your blog and has subscribed with a wish that you will be posting good posts like this over the coming days. Thank You.


Thank you for stopping by Bill! We do our best to provide interesting, informative and sometimes the quirky and fun stuff we can about trees. Have a good one.


The tree was a threat to neighbouring homes and buildings, as it was diseased and dying. While the homeowner might have wanted to ignore the problem (due to time, money, etc), the neighbours couldn’t, so pushed the point. Hence the city stepped in to force the issue. Usually it is up to the homeowner to make the call as to when a tree comes down, but this tree was quite tall and threatened a larger area. At the end of the day, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and was happy with the end results though.

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June 29, 2011 4:59 pm