Tree Shaping: A Unique Look at Trees

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Browsing around in the world wide web, I recently came across an interesting tree site. Introducing Pooktre Tree Shapers. They create art and functional pieces out of living trees. Yes, what you see here are live trees!


The artists, Peter Cook and Becky Northey, prune and shape trees. I have to say, they end up with some pretty stunningly unique specimens too. I have never really seen anything like it. It is interesting enough to browse around in, if you’ve got the time. They have a great photo album of some of the many trees they have shaped that truly boggles the mind.

While we pride ourselves on our tree care, knowledge, and expertise in the tree services industry, I don’t think we can compete here. CLC Tree Services can carefully plant, water, feed, shape, and prune your tree for you, but I am not sure we could craft a living man or mirror out of your birch or redbud. Heck, you could challenge us though!

Maybe we can get some tips while reading up on tree shaping at Pooktre. We take pride in our arborist training and are up for any tree maintenance you can send our way. Give us a call!

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March 31, 2011 12:01 pm