Tree Watering Bags

Here at CLC Tree Services people ask us questions about trees all the time. This week a question came to us from right here on our blog.

I enjoy reading your blogs — most informative! At some point could you please explain how those ubiquitous green bags that are wrapped around newly planted trees ( especially by the city) work. Thanks

Shirley Miller

Great question Shirley! Here’s our answer.

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Treegator® Slow Release Watering Bags

Tree Watering Bags

Our Office Manager Christine Siemens immediately knew what you were talking about and said they were bladder bags. The trademark name for them is Treegator® Original Slow Release Watering Bags.

Calvin McCallum explains further, “They are just a slow release water system that can deliver the required amount of water over a longer period of time to improve root absorption, and cut out the doubt of over or under watering.”

Curt McCallum further goes on to say, “So the tree gator bags are really quite simple. All they do is slowly leak out water to improve survivability. It takes up to a couple days to empty.”

Ideally, these ingenious devices are for newly planted deciduous trees, between 1″ to 4″ around. For trees up to 8″, you can zip two Treegator® bags together. Branches must be at least 25″ from the ground or higher to accommodate the bag. As Curt explains, the bag zips around your new tree and is then filled with water. You can even add water-soluble fertilizer to the bag. They slowly release the contents of the bag from small holes at the base of the bag over the next several hours, reducing evaporation, water runoff and the need for your presence.

Hence why you see them around city trees Shirley. City workers can fill them, then return later to collect the empty bags. Perfect for vulnerable, newly planted trees, especially during times of drought.

They are great for municipalities, businesses and homeowners. The company who makes them is based out of the US, but you can find them at several dealerships in Canada as well. The closest one to London is the Sheridan Nursery in Kitchener. Alternately, you can buy them online.

Of course, there are other options when watering your trees. You can purchase a drip hose, turn on a sprinkler, make your own DIY drip system or stand there with a hose for a few hours. A rain dance might help too, as Mother Nature does the best job of watering plants. Tree watering bags are a great economical alternative for your new trees though, especially during tree watering alerts.

Hope that answers your question Shirley! Thanks for reading our blog and feel free to ask any questions you may have again. We are here to help!

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July 22, 2015 1:34 pm