Trees of the Web

Not only are trees one of Mother Nature’s greatest inventions, they are also a source of inspiration for millions. Just take a peek at Pinterest, a gander at Google or scan Stumble Upon and you will come across literally billions of hits when you type in the word tree. Don’t believe me? Check out just a handful of different sites and images that I came across when looking for inspiration for today’s post on trees.

Trees of the Web

Trees of Stumble Upon

An Awesome Arecaceae (Palm Tree)

This spiralling palm might be photo-shopped, but who knows when it comes to the world-wide web. I found the image courtesy of Stumble Upon’s search engine at Awesome Waste of Time. Interesting, but was this search worth my time? Questionable…

Learning to Identify Trees

Another hit at Stumble Upon garnered a more helpful result at A Tree Grower’s Diary, where I came across an article on Learning to identify trees. Much more helpful, in my humble opinion.

Pinterest Plants

Pinterest doesn’t always give much information, but if you are looking for pictures, this is the place to come! Now this guy must really love trees to ink a tattoo of one on his back! Ouch! If this floats your boat, there are plenty more tree tattoo pics on their pages.

Now how about a little tree art? Pinterest has got that going on too! This image shows off a creative yarn bombed tree from “Source: via Penny Nattress on Pinterest”. What will they think of next?

Google Gardens

The Thirsty Beaver – now That’s a beer I could grow to like!

And what about Google and its hoard of hits? Well, in 0.23 seconds I got 1, 350, 000, 000 tree sites to explore. Whoa, that would keep anyone busy for… um, goodness know how long! So what can you expect to find? Well, I came across the Tree Brewing Company from Kelowna, BC that sells seven different kinds of beer, as well as cider. Now that’s a worthy tree find!

Tree Reading SeriesThere’s also the Tree Reading Series to check out. The site is home to one of Canada’s longest running literary events located in Ottawa, ON. If you are in the nation’s capital on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday of the month, you can stop into the Arts Court on 2 Daly Ave and take in local writers and poets as they present their works. Neat, huh?!

I haven’t gotten anywhere near the root of all these trees in this post, but I think you might see that knowledge about trees is vast and wide-reaching. I didn’t even come close to all the hits that Wikipedia could turn up, let alone Digg, Delicious, Reddit or Tumblr. Want to find out more about trees? It all starts with www.

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February 7, 2013 9:37 am