Why Christmas Decor London

Why Christmas Decor London?

Christmas Decor London

Have you ever wondered why CLC Tree Services got into the Christmas Decor business? Curt McCallum purchased the Christmas Decor London franchise from Christmas Decor in 2007. CLC had been in operation for almost 20 years at that point, and they were looking for ways to expand and extend their working hours into the winter months. Christmas Decor London seemed a natural extension, as CLC Tree Services already had the equipment necessary to run an outdoor Christmas decor company—trucks, bucket trucks, ladders, safety climbing gear, insurance, etc. All they needed was the training required to become the amazing professional holiday decorators whom they are.

Christmas Decor London has designed hundreds of Christmas decor packages for our clients since opening for business. This year alone, 45 Christmas decor proposals have been written. We have added a festive touch to many area retailers and businesses, like BlueStone Properties, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, the Western Fair District, and even the County of Elgin this year. Many of our clients, like the Black Walnut and White Oaks Mall, know the value of our packages, so come back year after year. We offer reliability, quality designs, simple bookings, and worry-free installation and removal. This gives our clients peace of mind when it comes to their Christmas decor during one of the busiest seasons of the year.

Residential Christmas DecorChristmas Decor packages aren’t just for commercial properties though. In fact, we have more residential clients than commercial ones. Many of our residential clients want a little something extra for their Christmas decor. Whether they are busy professionals who don’t have the time to decorate themselves or people who choose Christmas Decor London for our high-quality LED lighting options, we happily work with everyone. Who wouldn’t want to leave the design, installation, removal and storage to someone else?!

As Christmas Decor London approaches its tenth anniversary, we can see the difference our presence has made. Not only did we earn the Canadian Franchise of the Year award in 2013, but area businesses have seen the impact our Christmas Decor packages can make and are taking note. It is worth putting holiday decor into the budget, when you know everything is taken care of. While our professionalism speaks for itself, the numbers are telling. Business has grown exponentially by approximately 25% every year, including this one. We take the difficulty out of Christmas lighting and decorating, so that our clients can enjoy the holidays hassle-free.

If you are looking for something special for your holiday decor this year, there is still time to book your Christmas Decor London design consultation. Call Pam today!


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December 1, 2016 10:23 am