Preparation for Changing Seasons

Autumn Oak Leaves

The red in those leaves is a sure sign that summer is gone

The changing leaf colours is the first sign. But there are other indications too; shorter days, longer nights, falling temperatures. You might not want to accept it, but winter is on the way. And it is time to prepare for it.

Winter Preparation

Shorts are a memory. Gloves are needed for little hands (and sensitive bigger ones too!). Touques are back for fair-weather heads in need of protection. Rain boots are handy now, but winter footwear will be de rigueur before you know it. Are you ready?

firewood in the making

Time to cut up some firewood

For those with fireplaces, it is time to grab your chainsaws and restock the woodpile. If you use that fireplace as a source of heat, you will want to make sure it lasts you through to spring. Who knows if we’ll see another cold winter like last year’s, with the polar vortex that put North America into an icy deep freeze.

If you are without chainsaw or tree lot to carve up, then better check for local firewood for sale pronto before it is gone. And please don’t fall for ads claiming that firewood is free – if you take it down yourself! Leave tree removal to the experts and pay the worthwhile fee for a pre-cut face cord. It’s worth it.

Christmas Wreaths

Cheery colours of Christmas Decor

With your firewood stacked, you can settle in for winter. Leave the fall cleanup of the garden to Mother Nature. The winter interest of sedums and grasses add a nice touch and those leaves make a perfect mulch at the base of trees.

As for pulling out the ladder to put up your Christmas lights, why bother? Leave the Christmas decorating to Christmas Decor London this year. We have fully trained staff to do the job safely and effectively for you. With durable, professional grade LED lights, a variety of outdoor decor items like wreaths, garlands and more, plus the knowledge that our staff will install, maintain and remove the decor for you, why wouldn’t you contact Christmas Decor London? We even carry liability insurance to protect your home or business in the unlikely event of injury or damage to your property. That is the best peace of mind during the stress that comes along with the holiday season.

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October 15, 2014 2:48 pm