Winter Walk: A Tree Quiz

Another blast of winter is upon us in Southwestern Ontario. It’s cold out there, but according to the¬†Weather¬†Network, won’t last. In the interim, the fresh snow leaves the forest a sparkling and beautiful thing, when the sun deigns to return. That is the perfect time to go for a walk, if you can squeeze it in. Good for heart and health!

After our last snow storm, I did just that and came across these varied trees on my wanders. Can you identify any of them? Some are easier than others, but I challenge you to name them for me in this winter tree quiz.

Make sure to include your answers in a comment and I will let you know if you are correct next week. Thanks for playing!

Winter Wonder #1

#1: Found on several branches in the forest. It was firm and black. What is it?

Winter Wonder #6

#2: Appropriate choice for a Christmas tree? What species of conifer is this?

Winter Wonder #2

#3: Slightly curling bark on this straight trunk. Can you name it?

Winter Wonder #3

#5: A favourite perch for birds, but also tasty treat for moose & deer. Do you know its name?

Winter Wonder #4

#4: An abnormality that can be found on several different species. What is this bump?

Winter Wonder #4

#6: A longer needled cousin to the above conifer found in #3. Do you know what it’s called?

Winter Wonder #8

#8: This white tree won’t survive the winter, but still makes a perfect home for various birds and mammals. Name it!

Winter Wonder #7

#7: This isn’t the natural growth habit of this deciduous tree. What do you think made the marks on this tree trunk? Bonus points for the kind of tree!

#9: No chlorophyll left in these leaves, but a fresh batch will unfurl when the temperatures begin to rise. What tree would you find these leaves on?











And last, but not least, tell me about the bottom picture.

Winter Wonder #10

#10: There’s not much left of this tree. What do you think made this hole? Care to guess the species of tree?

Good luck with your guesses! Remember to follow the CLC Tree Services blog and come back to check and see if you are correct or not next week. Don’t forget to SHARE this fun tree quiz with your family and friends!



What? No guesses! Hmm, well perhaps I will only answer a select few questions then.

#4 is a burl and you can read more about them here –

The animal that did this to the tree in #7 is featured in this article here –

#8 is a birch tree and there’s a description and some interesting information about them here –

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