Countdown to Spring

The 2014 Spring Equinox falls on Thursday, March 20th. On that day, day and night are of equal length and in the Northern Hemisphere, days will continue to get longer until the Summer Solstice in June.

Three cheers for spring after such a harsh winter!

Birds are on their way back!

The first day of Spring is an exciting time with the promise of rebirth and renewal around us. Birds are already beginning to return from their winter hiatus and the sap is finally flowing in area maple trees. Snow banks are gradually decreasing in height, and fingers crossed, might be gone with the rain expected this week.

Who am I kidding? Have you seen the mountains at Westmount Shopping Mall? We’ll be lucky if they melt before next winter! Especially as the weather is forecast to be a mix of rain, snow, wind, and temperatures bobbing above and below zero for the next two weeks at least.

But spring arrives Thursday regardless.

Pine tree sapling

Pine tree sapling

And that has got many in mind of the upcoming gardening and tree planting season. Did you know that the best time to plant a tree is in the spring when it is dormant? The Ministry of Natural Resources suggests this;

The Best Time to Plant

Planting trees when they are dormant is the best way to insure good survival and initial growth. Most trees can be planted in the spring as soon as the frost is out of the ground and before buds break open for the season. Otherwise, plant in autumn, after the leaves fall off and the buds are set before freeze-up.
Source РMNR website,

Image Courtesy Katherine Krige

Have you seen any signs of spring in your yard yet?

So once some of this dirty snow disappears and you can whack a shovel into the ground, tree planting season begins! In the meantime, you could always start some seeds of your own to plant, force your forsythia to bloom indoors, read up on summer bulbs to grow, and maybe grab a bouquet of fresh flowers from the florist to enjoy until you can find some outside.

Don’t forget to research which¬†native saplings work best in your area. For London, Ontario, check ReForest London’s guide to Choosing the Right Tree. The MNR’s Ontario Tree Atlas also suggests native trees to plant, based on your region. A little groundwork goes a long way to ensure a healthy tree in your yard this year. In the meantime, think warm spring-like thoughts and CLC Tree Services will see you soon!

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