Difficult Tree Removal

Difficult Tree Removal

Sometimes taking a tree down isn’t as easy as it would seem. The overall health and stability of a tree can sometimes complicate tree removal, not to mention the density of the tree, and its location. This video shows one of the ways to overcome difficult tree removal.

The tree in this video was an ash tree. The sad reality is that the emerald ash borer has devastated ash tree populations across North America. Unfortunately, London, Ontario is not immune to this invasive species either. This particular ash tree was problematic though, as it was in the homeowner’s backyard and was inaccessible to not only our trucks, but also our crew. There was no causeway or side yard to access the backyard. Going through the garage was not an option. But the tree needed to be┬áto come down.

The solution – CLC Tree Services brought in a crane.

The crane solved the dilemma of how to get not only the trunk out of the backyard, but also all the branches. CLC Tree Services always makes a point of cleaning up all tree debris created during a job. Calvin cut sections of the brittle tree and hooked them to the crane, which then lifted them over the house where the crew processed it. Our chipper awaited to finish what Calvin started. By day’s end, the tree was gone.

Not all tree removal jobs are this difficult, but even when a tree is located in less than ideal locations, we are still up to the job. Contact CLC Tree Services today for all of your difficult tree removals.

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January 15, 2015 1:20 pm