For Humanity’s Sake

In late spring, Curt McCallum was driving in his truck in London, ON listening to the radio. The station was broadcasting an interview with Jeff Duncan, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Heartland Ontario. Duncan was discussing HFH’s latest build in partnership with Community Living London. They had built a home, but were still in need of a few finishing touches to complete the project. Duncan put out an appeal to the community for some last-minute landscaping items. Curt was on the phone before the program finished airing.

“I heard you were in need of trees and sod,” Curt announced. “I’d be happy to help.”

And a new partnership was born for CLC Tree Services.

This isn’t a new reaction. Curt has always looked for ways to give back to his community. In 2011, when a tornado ripped through Goderich, destroying much of Canada’s prettiest town, Curt was quick to volunteer a CLC crew to help with some of the storm cleanup. Likewise, crews got dispatched to the Toronto area after the ice storm in December 2013 and to Grand Bend in 2014 after a tornado blew through the popular beach town.

While storm cleanup is a necessary service offered by CLC Tree Services, Curt has always wanted to offer more. So when he heard a request for volunteers to step forward, he couldn’t resist. CLC has the contacts to acquire trees and sod, the equipment to deliver it, and the experience to plant trees. The only other thing needed was a willingness to step up to altruistically help a company and, more importantly, the deserving recipients of a new home. Curt had that desire in droves.

So while Habitat for Humanity does their part to build affordable homes for low-income families and Community Living London is dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities live fulfilled lives, CLC just wants to give back to their community any way they can. A little sweat equity and the know-how of how to plant trees is a small part in the picture of helping a few people realize a decent life via pride of home ownership. If our donation makes a difference, that is something we should be proud of and only too willing to do again.

We wish Dwight, Bile, David, Paul, and Steve much success in this new phase of their lives and look forward to being able to help HFH in the future. Because everyone deserves a decent place to live and it only takes a little humanity to make it happen.

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July 14, 2016 12:34 pm