Drip, Drip: Ice Buildup Getting You Down?

The temperatures are rather balmy in the Forest City this week. After all the snow we got last week in London, Ontario, it is a treat to have +C weather. Of course the snow we got is now melting fast and furiously, which is great as far as reducing snow mountains in parking lots, but a bit dangerous as far as getting dripped on from overhead eaves. Even worse are falling icicles. Plus, we have seen large mounds of slop sliding off rooftops, and that is treacherous for anyone in the vicinity.

Don't be a drip. Contact CLC for ice removal this winter!

Don’t be a drip. Contact CLC for ice removal this winter!

So what do you do about it? Well, you can time your dash under the drips and hope you don’t lose on the draw. You can tote around an umbrella until the drips freeze up once more. Or you can remove the snow altogether, making passage safe for all and sundry again. The last is certainly the safest option for the passersby, but not necessarily for those who have to climb up to the rooftops to remove said ice and snow. Ice and snow make for pretty slippery conditions.

Our crew and equipment are available all year long

Our crew and equipment are available all year long

I know its been said before, but do I need to remind you that CLC Tree Services has bucket trucks, ladders, and safety gear for climbing within our arsenal? Plus, our crew have no fear of high places or looking down from them when they are up there. That makes for some handy guys when it comes to putting up Christmas lights, cutting and/or pruning trees, plus removing ice or snow buildup from office buildings, apartment building or residential homes.

Bet you didn’t know we did that too.

Don’t let overhead snow put a damper on winter enjoyment. Let CLC scour the rooftops for you!

After the huge 3-day snowstorm that paralyzed the city a few years back, we realized there was another need that we could meet for London residents—removing dangerous ice buildup from hard-to-reach overhead areas. We had a light bulb moment and CLC Tree Services added ice removal to our repertoire of services offered. As the process still has its risks, we prefer to work in the early morning hours (2-5 am) when there is less traffic. That way no one gets in our way, we don’t get in anyone else’s way, and injuries are prevented for all.

If you find that ice buildup is becoming an issue for your home, apartment building or business this winter, call CLC Tree Services at (519) 685-0257 . We are here to help.

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December 4, 2013 2:37 pm